Frequently Asked Questions


The cost is different for everyone depending on the level of license, and the endorsement you get. Most students spend less than $2,000 to get their license. On average, and OUPV with no endorsements is around $1,250.

Once your completed application packet is submitted to a Regional Exam Center (REC) it can take anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks for your application to be processed.

The certificate of completion for any course is good for one year. This includes the OUPV, Master Upgrade, and all endorsements.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to get an extension. If your certificate of completion has expired, you will need to retake the class. The good news is you’ll be an expert now!

While you may have a great idea of what you want to do with your license today, no one really knows what the future holds. Upgrading to the Master’s License allows you to operate an inspected vessel up to 100GT. This could be a larger charter boat, or maybe a 16-passenger tour boat. How about a Duck (DUKW) boat or a head boat?

This depends on if you plan to use your license. The short answer is yes, if you want to use your license you must be enrolled in a Consortium. If you are running your own charter, you would be responsible for join a consortium and enrolling your mates. If you are working for another company, they may enroll you in their consortium.


Depending on which location you are at the schedule may vary, however, all OUPV classes are at least 52 hours of class time and the Master’s Upgrade is at least 20 hours of class time.

The OUPV consists of 4 exams; Rules of the Road, Plotting, Navigation General, and Deck General. Each exam can be attempted a maximum of 3 times. The Masters Upgrade, and each endorsement also has their own exams.

First Aid, CPR, & AED

We tried to make it as convenient as possible to get everything you need for you license. With this in mind, we offer the online First Aid/ CPR course with in-person practical. This way you can complete the online portion at your own pace, and on testing day we can complete your skills check off.

After you get your license, if you want to use it, it is a good idea to keep your First Aid and CPR current. According to the USCG at least one member of the crew is required to have a current First Aid/ CPR certificate. If you’re the captain that would mean you!

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