Application Help

True North Maritime Academy is here to guide you through the USCG application process. We offer experienced, helpful staff to assist you through the entire process. Simply follow the step by step approach shown below until you have all the steps completed. Once complete you can submit your application as listed in the final step. Please read each step and use the linked USCG forms to begin the application process.

  1. ​​Completed application:
  2. If you marked yes on any listed convictions, attach explanations using this form:
  3. Copy of TWIC Card or TWIC Registration Receipt: Find a TWIC location on TSA site:  
  4. Copy of First Aid and CPR cards: First Aid within one year and current CPR 
  5. Physical exam form signed off by your Physician:
  6. Proof of SAMSHA Drug test or enrollment in drug testing program
  7. Certificate of Completion (with one year) True North Maritime will provide you an official certificate upon completion of class
  8. All Sea Service forms (total at least 360 days):
  9. Copy of your Application Fee $145 fee receipt ($100 for maritime officer license and $45 for issuance) at  – How to use Pay.Gov